Types of landscape lighting

Posted by in good to know | May 4, 2017


In twilight, without correctly chosen and placed landscape lighting, the magic of landscape design simple disappears.

You will feel like in real fairy-tale walking though marvelous lighting paths and enjoying time with moonlight and desk lighting. Today our landscape contractors can offer modern opportunities, which is very popular and householders more and more add different lightings systems in their territories. The purpose of our Seattle landscaping company is to make lives of our clients livelier and safe.


1. Patio covers lighting

If you prefer to spend evenings with your companies in open air – patio cover lighting are the best decision to create wonderful, warm atmosphere.

2. Path lighting

Our landscape contractors will help you protect yourself by using step lighting which is very essential in your yardplanning. With us you will avoid such common mistakes as placing lights too close together, using lights which are too bright an etc.

3. Pond lights

Perfect visual esthetic it’s the major advantage of pond lights.

Furthermore, lights can create romantic brightness of water.


Moreover, with our Seattle landscaping company you can choose any styles of illuminations and (that’s also very significant) a big variety of lighting effects! The imagination of our landscape contractors is unlimited; we can create a million ways of using these effects.

Let’s describe the most popular of them

1. First is – «moonlighting».

Usually people put it high in trees. The result is that leaves of the tree cast awesome shadows on pathways and it is really like full moon light.

2. Second one here is «Grazing».

«Grazing» helps to put attention on statues or stone-work. The effect is really gorgeous.Neighbors will be jealous, we promise it.

3. «Silhouetting».

«Silhoetting» is the best combination for grazing style of lighting. They, as a rule, used together and make perfect duet of highlighting.

4. «Shadowing»

We think that it’s the most intrigue type of lighting. Shadowing sounds simple, but rely on Seattle landscaping company , it brings stunning effect and everybody will notice it.
5. Swimming-pool lights


You should be very attentive about safety if you are owner of any kind of water area. Sometimes simple pool lighting it’s not enough, and better create a separate lighting system as our landscaping company can. Besides, ambient lighting looks very cute.

So, as a nutshell, we can make all kinds of lightings that you would like to set up. Cooperation with us will bring you stunning, high-quality night landscapes for long years. Seattle landscaping company happy to make You happy and give a visual esthetics and safety to everyone.


Our great lightning designers are looking forward to help your transform your garden in real fairy-tale. You can be sure that landscape lighting can add a personality to your area and highlight all beauties of garden.

If you are thinking to improve your landscape lighting but aren’t sure how to begin, let our experienced company Ballard landscaping services help you.