Grass lawn

Posted by in good to know | May 4, 2017

Lawn landscaping is the most visible part of any garden, which influence on aesthetical and functional role of full yard. A lot of householders will spare no expense to grow and maintain a lush lawn. Backyard putting greens is perfect decision on bringing together guests and family to enjoy the open air party. One designer quoted about lawn landscaping design: “It’s kind of like having a pool table. When you have people over, there’s always something to do” And our queen anne landscaping services agree with that.

Best type of lawn for your territory

Before choosing a type of lawn, householders should decide which functions grass must do in their yards. For example, if you have kids grass should be soft, available for football games and etc.  Or maybe lawn should be full of flowers, with smelling. Or maybe you are allergic to grass and you need synthetic lawn.
So, let’s discuss with our queen Anne landscaping services about all of them.


1. Sod.

Every house owner knows that most popular reason to have sod is that it reducing heat in summer time.Queen Anne landscaping service guarantees that in summer time, a lawn will be 30 degrees cooler than stone. In fact, sod completely controls erosion.
Turf grasses lawns filter dirt and dust from your environment and eliminate mud. It also keeps invigorating air around your house. Nevertheless, sod can be more sensitive to disease than a seeded lawn.

2. Seed

If your budget is the main factor in choosing type of lawn – that seeding for you is a good variant. Truly, it much cheaper than sod. But, there are a lot of opinions that due to genetic variation very difficult to retain superior qualities – please  don’t worry , our queen Ann landscaping contractors will provide with the best possible quality of work.

3. Hydroseed

If you need to have an ideal carpet in shot time- this type of lawn will decorate your garden rapidly and inexpensive.

As a rule lawn will be visible in a few days. Minimum it takes four days, maximum 10 days. Of course in warm days germination will be faster. It’s good decision for landscaping design too.

Hydroseeding is a comfortable variant to get a good-quality lawn is short-term.

4. Artificial turf.

Pluses of this kind of turf are: saving water, increased playability, lower maintenance costs and etc.
But our queen ann landscaping contractors want to notify that latest research have found that harmful bacteria can live on polyethylene plastic.  Less injury:you can calm down when your kids playing football outside or running with pets


It is true that creation long-term and high quality lawn is really difficult and responsible process. You can trust our queen Ann landscaping professionals who will use they knowledge to get a wonderful result of each type of lawn. And during all year round our queen Anne landscaping services will help you to take care of every part in your fairy-tale garden.