Flagstone in landscape design

Posted by in good to know | May 4, 2017

Flagstone – is the basic thing of landscaping design. Flagstone is a natural stone material, It can be used for patios and pathways.


It is popular and high demand in landscaping design because of lots of gains and eye-catching appearance. Medina landscaping company can help you to choose  right material and with professional installation. From the practical point of view it helps to avoid fall/trip accidents from uneven surfaces. Thankfully to big variety of colors and types, flagstone can add natural look of you yard.

Safety first

Non-slip surface area is necessary for everyone. Especially if you have kids, pets and etc. We care about that and have plenty methods how visually designating steps. You can be sure in smooth strong flagstone installation.


Just tell our landscape contractor your own ideas and we will do everything for you. Let your imagination be free.


The stone makes it a pleasant walkways surface by offering a reliable non-slip surface.


Thankfully to our flag stone patio installation a countless variety of colors helps to create individual pathways, or patio covers. It can be laid with a color gamut of combining colors that will provide a mix of the earth’s natural hues throughout your landscape.

Pros & Cons:

Every time when you are searching for something new in your landscaping design it’s necessary to fully compare all the benefits and disadvantages. And Medina landscaping companyalready did it for you. Actually, it is really hard to find disadvantages when conversation is about natural stones.Besides beautiful looking, permeable surface, durability, good maintenance and other benefits makes flagstone the most popular among clients. If you are asking about disadvantages, than, sometimes prices of special kinds are expensive. But we will tell ways to save the budget by avoiding cutting of rocks. Many clients think that flagstone complicates watering plants that grow amongst. But it is 100% myth.

Pro Tips:

Landscape contractors will discuss with you all the significant factors while selecting type of flagstone and give advice according to the style of you garden and the type of landscaping design you are looking for. And Medina landscaping company will help you to determine between standard and cut stones, the placement (it can be sand set or can be mortar set ), also you can choose between straight and curved layout. Our Landscape contractor will follow all your ideas, maybe you would like it to be planted with groundcover, or mortared for a smooth, solid surface, some house owners adore patchwork effect which is very eye-catching, but also classic variant of using single color is actual too.

Medina landscaping company provide with many kinds of flagstone that’s accessible in many colors, sizes and textures.

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Our landscaping contractor

Our landscaping contractor will help you make the right decisions founded on your opinion and property. You can show any pictures you like and be sure, your dreams will come true.

You can rely on Medina landscaping company in creation of any of your future project.