Creation of your own landscaping design

Posted by in good to know | May 4, 2017

Creation of your own landscaping design is the best way to show your imagination. You can choose one of the existing styles of gardens, but also, Bellevue landscaping services can turn your yard into something unique based on your own ideas. In this article we will tell you about most popular gardens styles.

In the best traditions of Asia

If you prefer something unique and extraordinary you can choose one of the Asian garden styles. If you will choose Japanese garden style our Bellevue landscaping services will create everything follow best Japanese principles of garden such as asymmetry, balance, symbolism, and etc.  The pearl of Japanese outside design is Japanese Maple. It is a stunning tree a dome-like shape and foliage that become a brilliant red in fall. A unique decision for shady areas is moss which is a perfect ground cover in Japanese style.

Before making any plant selections Bellevue landscaping contractors will consult to find out what will grow best in your territory.


It is a well-known fact that French gardens are really very eye-catching. And for families with kids one of the best variants will be French design which is often confused with the Italian Renaissance. Soft lawn, a lot of beautiful perennials, minimum rocks and stones in landscaping design will be the most suitable variant if you have kids or pets. If your territory is big enough you can add columns with special flowers around each column. This style is characterized by elegant furniture, geometric, symmetry and pretty birdbaths.Bellevue landscaping contractors can mix all of the elements and your area will be changed to resemble the extravagant designs of the famous French chateaus.


Nowadays this style of garden style is the most popular. Modern landscaping if well-known for it is attractive aesthetic and elegant marvelous style.  As a rule, the attention is heavier on hardscaping designarchitecture than on flowers and shrubs.  Lawn and plants are usually in natural colors and medium size.  The major purpose of modern garden style is to add contrast.

But if it is popular it doesn’t mean that every garden is completely similar.  Our Bellevue landscaping servicescan offer you to add different flowers, unusual trees or rarely architecture elements to make your modern designed yard look more unique.


Bellevue landscaping contractors will help you to analyze which type of landscaping design is best for your project. First of all consider the design of your house. Maybe some types of garden will be combined well or absolutely not suitable.  Also Bellevue landscaping services will take into account natural flowers, trees for saving natural resources. Bellevue landscaping services is a big landscaping service specializing in complete landscape design and installation , water system installation, pathways, patio installation, planting and other different landscape services. Bellevue landscaping services highly prioritize your plan to achieve your goals and requirements and improve them from the beginning till the end through our garden landscaping design. Also if you would like to add some special architecture combinations Bellevue landscaping contractors can do this landscaping hardscaping construction to decorate your garden.