Concrete vs brick

Posted by in good to know | April 24, 2017

Everybody have such dilemma when question is about material for new project of landscaping design. There are a list of advantages and disadvantages of each one. This article will help you better understand which one is best for you and satisfy all your needs.

First of all definition

Concrete also named as ”cement”, but that is a bit erroneous. Concrete is made of sand, water and rocks. Brick – is building material used to install walls, pavements and other elements in masonry construction.

At first sight, these two materials look identically and provide similar objectives. Truly, they are totally different when topic about functionality, prices and parameters. For instance, let’s compare endurance of driveways. A competently installed brick paver driveway should be enough for minimum twenty five years. And concrete driveways in most cases if they installed well by high-quality service like seattle landscaping services.


  • – Natural looking
  • – Wide variety of tinges and sizes
  • – Protection (courtyard,  access road and etc.) rainy atmospheric condition


  • – Expensive
  • – Some years after colors will not so lively
  • – Regular maintenance usually cost much
  • – Plain concrete is pretty dull in appearance, but it can be colored and stamped to create a unique and very attractive surface.
  • -With in a time it will eventually crack

Approximately the same sum will be if you chose brickinstallation by our seattle landscaping contractors.


– Probably same prices as a concrete

– Huge design variants can be used to decorate your yard

  • Prices are similar if compare with concrete
  • Can be combined with different models and tinges for a custom look
  • If you need to repair a separate brick paver in case of damaging – it is easy
  • New polymeric sand which become hard  as a mic with water will control grass growth between the pavers.

When comparing the costs of these two options, you must consider both installation and maintenance.

You can have problems with cement or brick if your service is not good. That is why you should cooperate with seattle landscaping services. Responsible, talent and high-quality seattle landscaping contractors will turn your projects into reality.

It is only your tastes which type of design you prefer to have. You can choose a design that looks like it’s been around for 100 years or one that fits right in with modern house and landscape design.



Everybody understands that the key from success of any project of patio installation or brick installation is the reliable and attentive people like our seattle landscaping contractors. No matter what you will decide: brick or concrete – our seattle landscaping contractors will do best for you. Advice to you after brick patio installation or paver patio installation wait at least a week before driving by car on the new driveway, and minimum a 30 days before parking heavy vehicles on the driveway. Wait a four – ten weeks before sealing the concrete.